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The equipment we use to prepare the most consistent, high-quality flexographic plates for you.


  • CDI Spark XT - Used to ablate all embossing plates and film jobs, except for HD plates.
  • CDI Spark 4835 Inline UV - Used to ablate all flexo plates, standard and HD.


  • DuPont Cyrel 1000 ECLF - Used for main exposure, de-tacking and post exposing all thermal flexo plates.
  • DuPont Cyrel 2000 ECLF - Used for back exposure all plates. Main exposes, de-tacks and post exposes all plates.


  • DuPont Cyrel 1000 P - Processing all solvent based plates.
  • DuPont Cyrel Fast 1000 TD - Processing all thermal plates.
  • Dantex Aquaflex 900-L - For processing, post exposure and drying all embossing and letterpress plates.
  • Photomeca Waterwash - Back-up processor for Dantex Aquaflex.


You can always count on Trinity Graphic to support you in protecting your business and customers. We have over 200 years of experience with our staff providing photopolymer printing plates for the Flexo industry.


Your deadlines become our deadlines. We provide the fastest turnaround times while always maintaining the highest quality. Do not hesitate to call us when you are in a jam.


Your challenges become our challenges. Trinity Graphic has invested in the latest technology, software, and individuals to ensure that your specifications are met every time on every plate, and production print run. There is never a project too big or complex.

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