Using the latest technology in the business, Trinity works with an array of materials and equipment to ensure the highest level of success for your printed product. Trinity Graphic has extensive experience with the science of Platemaking, having worked closely with Photopolymer experts to improve their product standards. Aware that manufacturers use differing materials which each have their own specific advantages and market suitability, we stock a wide variety of products on the shelf, ensuring compatibility to the substrate and press format.

our platemaking

Trinity has several plate washout systems, enabling us to produce large format plates, ranging in thickness from .045” to .25”, including the solvent free thermal processed Fast plates. Our plates suit the various Flexo printing equipment used in the industry.

We have in-house solvent reclamation enabling us to wash plates out faster with higher quality due to less solvent absorption into the material.

Trinity utilizes ESKO’s HD Flexo which is a high resolution plate that consistently delivers smooth vignettes, sharp details, intense colors and high contrast resulting in increased print quality.

We also offer ESKO’s SambaFlex which is transitional / hybrid screening which improves the smoothness of your flexo highlights while maintaining mid-tones and shadows.